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Massachusetts and Rhode Island pricing:

Massachusetts and Rhode Island pricing:

Single Family 1004/ Condo 1073 $425
FHA Single Family/ Condo $475
Affordable Housing $475
Multi Family 2-4 units 1025 $600
Multi Family 2-4 units FHA $650
Land Appraisal $350
Exterior only 2055 Drive-by $300
CVR (Collateral Valuation Report) $250
Appraisal Update 1004D $150
Completion Certificate 1004D $125
2000 Single Family Field Review $350
2000A Multi Family Field Review $375

HELOC Options – We have several options to best meet your needs:

Appraiser-Assisted AVM (Automated Valuation Model) – A traditional AVM, augmented by a licensed appraiser viewing the exterior of the subject property. $175

CVR (Collateral Valuation Report) – a USPAP-compliant, exterior only report which includes 3 sold and 3 listed comparable sales on grids, with regression analysis and comparable photographs. $250

2055 Drive-By – traditional FNMA exterior only report with 3 comparable sales and photographs $300

Complex and High Value PropertiesGet a quote for your waterfront/view, high value, or complex property here. No risk, no obligation.

THE ISLANDS - Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Block Island – We are ready to set sail. Get your quote for your island property valuation today.

New Hampshire / Vermont – We cover the northeast. Get a quote for your property in New Hampshire and Vermont.

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Today's world of real estate moves very quickly, often leaving people confused and overwhelmed. There are many instances where our clients are unsure as to what type of appraisal is needed for their individual circumstance. At North Atlantic Appraisal Company we take the time to advise clients on the various services that will help to accomplish your objectives. Our goal is to ensure that every client fully understands the process and packaging of our appraisal products. We are just a phone call away from solving your appraisal needs!