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Massachusetts and Rhode Island pricing:

Lender (Mortgage) Appraisals – Call or Click for Quote

• Single Family 1004/ Condo 1073 $425
• FHA Single Family/ Condo $475
• Affordable Housing $475
• Multi Family 2-4 units 1025 $600
• Multi Family 2-4 units FHA $650
• Land Appraisal $350
• Exterior only 2055 Drive-by $300
• CVR (Collateral Valuation Report) $250
• Appraisal Update 1004D $150
• Completion Certificate 1004D $125
• 2000 Single Family Field Review $350
• 2000A Multi Family Field Review $375

Non-Lender Appraisal Reports – Call or Click for Quote

GPAR (General Purpose Appraisal Reports) or Narrative Form Appraisals (depending upon complexity)

THE ISLANDS - Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket – We are ready to set sail. Get your quote for your island property valuation today.

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Today's world of real estate moves very quickly, often leaving people confused and overwhelmed. There are many instances where our clients are unsure as to what type of appraisal is needed for their individual circumstance. At North Atlantic Appraisal Company we take the time to advise clients on the various services that will help to accomplish your objectives. Our goal is to ensure that every client fully understands the process and packaging of our appraisal products. We are just a phone call away from solving your appraisal needs!